Greet your customers with personalised messages.

As a customer walks into your retail store, greet them by their name via the app and make the experience more personalised. Their shopping experience will be enhanced with this app as they receive notifications and alerts on their preferred fashion items.

Broadcast relevant offers to customers at targeted aisles.

Messages broadcasted would be offers or promotions relevant to the customer based on their demographics and also shopping behaviour. The more they use the app, the more relevant the offers would become, as the app learns more about their shopping patterns.

Observe your customers' shopping behaviour.

Analytics of your customers’ shopping behaviour will be provided. Now, you are able to narrow down products to specific demographics or even narrow it down to that one customer who has a distinct sense of your products. This will allow you the information needed for a targeted marketing campaign in your retail store.

Proximity Sensor

Our beacons detect the customers exact location and sends them a pesonalized message related to the product they are looking at.


Upload vast amounts of product information instantaneously. Publish deals, discounts, promotions and tips to reward your customers as they view the various products available in-store.

AisleSense Technology

Our algorithm analyzes the customer’s shopping history and preferences and sends hyper-targetted information on products they are most likely to be interested in buying.

Real-World Analytics

Get details of your customer demographic, from age group to gender to shopping history. Learn about how customers interact with your store, which aisles they visit and which products are viewed most frequently.


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